Pelican Point by Irene Hannon



After his recent discharge from the Army, Dr. Ben Garrison travels to Hope Harbor to settle the estate of his grandfather, not expecting a dilapidated lighthouse in the bargain. Ben wants to sell the lighthouse and other property as soon as possible so he can begin his new position as an orthopedic surgeon in Ohio.   But he doesn’t anticipate that the Hope Harbor Herald editor, Marci Weber, is determined to rally the town and save the landmark from a pending sale. After butting heads in the beginning, Marci and Ben discover they have a mutual affinity for the town and people of Hope Harbor.

I thought this was a very likable story. The author did a good job of highlighting the personality differences between the two main characters, Ben and Marci, as well as their mutual attraction and the sparks that flew in light of their differences. I also appreciated the sub story between Ben’s neighbors and Marci’s employee, Greg and Rachel. This secondary story complimented and enhanced the main plot. The author effectively wove in peripheral characters and Ben and Marci’s past into a coherent storyline. The plot also includes some suspense with the romance. It is a simple, straightforward and heartwarming story where everything has a satisfactory conclusion.

This book is part of the Hope Harbor series, of which I did not read the pervious books but I still really enjoyed the novel. (In fact, I am now planning on reading the other books in the series.)

I would recommend this book if you like contemporary romance novels.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Revell in exchange for an honest review.


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