A Dangerous Legacy




Lucy Drake and her brother Nick are on a quest to right a wrong that was committed against their grandfather and has affected the last three generations. It has consumed them for years. Because Lucy is a telegraph operator at the Associated Press she is a master at Morse code and is able to use her job to give her and Nick an advantage in the legal battle against Uncle Thomas.   But then she intercepts a telegraph message that reveals important information that is more far reaching than their family’s conflict. When her rival, Sir Colin Beckwith, accidently discovers her secret, they agree to an arrangement, which becomes the turning point in their unexpected friendship.

I really loved this book; it had romance, intrigue, and suspense. One of the aspects I appreciated about the story is the history. The author incorporates actual historical events into the narrative, which she seamlessly weaves into the fictional story. The characters are rich in personality and complexity; and both the main characters evolve and become better people by the conclusion. Lucy’s bravery and gumption were commendable. And I adored the relationship Lucy had with her brother, Nick, and how they continually supported one another. Equally alluring was Lucy’s relationship with Colin because they were constantly challenging each other.  Another aspect of the book, which was well done, was the conclusion; after the main plot was resolved the story didn’t abruptly end but slowly wrapped up in a realistic and satisfying way. The plot was engaging with tense moments of danger and uncertainty.

I would highly recommend this historical fiction novel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.


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