What Follows After by Dan Walsh



During a week in 1962 in Deland, Florida, a separated couple must face the reality that some of their decisions caused their two young boys to run away from home and seek refuge with relatives. During the boys bus ride to visit their aunt and uncle in Georgia, the younger of the two boys in abducted. When I first came to the part of the abduction, I almost quit reading the book. I do not like stories where children are in harms way. As I read, I was constantly dreading what was coming next because I did not want to read about the boy getting hurt. A majority of the story centered on the couple and their marriage relationship. By the end of the story, there was a sense of hope and restoration. However, I did not really care for the book. None of the characters really became endearing to me and their personalities were flat. And I found the core of the story to be a bit insipid.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for an honest review.


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